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Bucky Barnes
Moon Pong Game
Why are you protecting me? 4 min
Moon Pong Game
Coz you're my best friend 3 min
Moon Pong Game
I don't remember you 2 Min
Moon Pong Game
But I remember you 1 Min
Moon Pong Game
Well, okay! Now

Admin logs in participating players in advance, sets the time when game starts and appoints the first server of the Moon Pong – Ping.Ping game.

The first player ie. “server” sends out a Moon Pong Ball + number he/she chooses (that is how we call the EME Morse code signals and server’s identification messages) pointed straight to the Moon.

The other players listen for the bouncing signal from the Moon as it arrives around 2.5sec later. As the bounced message arrives players click their controller (web application sends data to the system which records the time when clicks were pressed). EME participants establish communication with the “server” by sending ID and number server has send.

All Players actions (from web application data) go through the process of verification and seconds later a “winner” is announced while score gets updated. The last “winner” becomes a new server and the game continues till the end of the game when results are announced.